Retire successfully

2/3rds of those over 50 will not be able to retire! Don’t let that happen to you!

Make money a positive in your life

Money is the #1 cause of unhappiness today when it should be adding to our happiness, not taking away from it!

Have enough for the unexpected

Most Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck. No way  this needs to be so!

Get what you deserve

You work hard for your money. See to it your money is working hard for you!

Ted’s Expertise

Ted’s Expertise

Ted Hunter understands both financial success and failure. Sixty-seven years ago, at the age of nine, he started to pay his own way and never looked back. From working his way through college to becoming a pioneer in the design and implementation of computer-based business systems, he kept learning about how to handle money effectively. Thirty years ago, he co-founded a real estate brokerage company that grew to a staff of more than one hundred agents. He became a multi-millionaire and then went bankrupt in the real estate crash of the late 1980s…

Personal Money Management Courses

The real-world education on personal money management that’s been missing from most people’s lives.. until now! 7 priceless video training courses of 30-45 minutes each, with a full set of notes provided at the end of each session. Course 1: “How to Get a Better Price or Better Deal on Almost anything” will be my FREE gift to you! Each additional course is only $23.95. Or you can download Courses 2-7 for the low fee of only $99.95!
Financial Freedom Training Package
This package covers pretty much everything you really need to know to enhance all aspects of your financial and personal lives.
How to Get a Better Price or Better Deal on Almost Anything
How and where to ask, have fun doing it, and save at least $500-1,000 a year for just a couple of hours of your time, plus a priceless crash course on negotiating the big stuff such as a raise, a better job, buying home and such.
The Critical Importance of Having a Plan for Your Money and Your Life, and how to Create One
Studies have proven that having a thought-out written plan is critical to both financial success and personal happiness and in this course you’ll learn how to do it.
The Real Keys to a Happy and Successful Life
We’re constantly being told the wrong things when it comes to the keys to a successful and happy life. In this course you’ll learn the truth as to what really does work.
Spending smart.. It’s not how much you make but what you do with it that counts
For most people it really isn’t how much you make but what you do with it that counts. In this course you’ll learn how to spend not just smart, but really smart
Where, When and How to Invest Your Money
Investing their money has been a disaster for most people. It’s time people knew the truth, and how to see to it they really do get the future they deserve.
How to Buy Your Cars Smart, Really Smart
Cars are now 17% of family spending, second only to housing and following the insider advice in this course should be worth at least $1500-3,000 a year or more to most families.
Getting Out of Debt .. and Staying Out
If debt is eating away at your future, stressing you out, it’s time to fix that problem and in this course you’ll learn just how to do so.. once and for all.
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