March 2012 - MONEY SMART

Timely updates and reminders on personal money management. Seeing to it that you always have the up-to-the-minute information you need to win the game.
March 29, 2012

Over the last 22 years I’ve made 4 major forecasts; when to get into the stock market and when to leave; when to invest in real estate and when to get out. Now I’m making another major call: high inflation is coming and it's very important to understand what it will mean to you and what to do about it. High inflation means higher prices, yes, but it has major implications for your current investments and for your financial plans in general, so it’s best to position yourself in preparation for it now rather than getting caught losing big.

March 21, 2012

Did you see what happened this week on Wall Street? It was quite a story! Last Wednesday, an executive director at Goldman Sachs resigned through an op-ed article in the NY Times. It was really something, the guy just unloaded about the toxic work environment where doing right by clients was not even a topic at sales meetings. The focus was on ripping clients off in a variety of ways including by persuading them to invest in products left on the books that the company was trying to dump. He even shared that he had seen no less than five different managing directors refer to their own clients as “muppets” in emails. It’s shocking and yet somehow it’s also not a surprise, right?

March 14, 2012

Every year millions of people are taken in by a scam. You’ve heard of some of the most common ones like the Nigerian letter schemes. I’m sure you’ve been exposed to several and hopefully have spotted them right away. Unfortunately they do work often enough to keep them coming and new ones are being invented all the time. The key is to be sure you know how to spot and avoid them no matter the packaging.

March 1, 2012

Yeah, yeah, I know all too well that money isn’t the ultimate source of true happiness, but I tell you, having financial security and knowing that I’m making smart choices about my money sure do provide a nice warm feeling. Sadly, money has become a huge source of stress for most people and is now the number one cause of divorce, of health problems, and of unhappiness. If this is the case for you, you can change it if you decide to, and I believe you'll find it well worth the effort. Here are three straightforward yet very powerful steps to get you started.

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