Where, When and How to Invest Your Money

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Investing their money has been a disaster for most people. It’s time people knew the truth, and how to see to it they really do get the future they deserve.

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In this subject we’ll be covering the most common types of investments you’re likely be considering, either now or at some point in the future – the stock market, buying a home, investing in an education for yourself or your kids, starting or buying a business, and such.

Investing their money has, for most people, been a disaster. 2 people in 3 over 50 today cannot.. will not.. be able to retire. No way you want to end up in that group and no way do you need to.

In this course I will show you, beyond any doubt that the financial services industry has been a disaster.. perhaps the greatest rip-off in history.. combining gross incompetence with endlessly skimming away your money in commissions, expenses, trading costs and such.

98% of all managed stock funds underperform the market over a 10 year period. Less than 2% of financial professionals are any good over the only time frames that really matter.

People who invest their money themselves, however, average twice the return of those that use professionals

The bottom line is that you and only you must manage your money yourself, and in this course I’ll be showing you exactly how to do it, and do so far better than any expert is ever likely to do for you.

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