If It Seems Too Good to Be True, It’s Not True!

April 5, 2017by Ted Hunter0

I happen to listen to the radio when I’m out driving and time and again I hear these commercials, these amazing commercials.. these absolutely amazing commercials. To me they scream out what a scam they are. But when you see just how many different ones there are and how much money they’re spending running them over and over it’s clear that millions of people don’t get it and are ending up being ripped off by these guys.

Here are some examples..
A guaranteed, no-risk investment return of say 12 to 15 % or more
How to make $20,000 a month flipping houses in your spare time and you don’t need any money to do it
A secret approach to stock investing that will give you returns the Wall Street pros would envy

Well I ask you, if I knew a guaranteed no-risk way to make 12 to 15%, do you think for one minute I would need to run an ad? Do you think for on minute I can’t pocket at least a third of that money and still have people throwing money at me?

Heck, if I could really do that it would go viral. People would be calling and emailing me non-stop, trying to get in on it. Never, ever, would I have to run an ad.. not even one. But here are these guys wanting to share this wonderful opportunity with everyone. What “nice” guys.

Someone can show you how to make $20,000 in your spare time, and without having any money, flipping houses? Oh.. they want you to come to a seminar? Buy their course to learn how? Well what’s that about? What does the course cost? What percent of those that have taken it make $20,000 a month in their spare time with no money? How about even $5,000? $2,000?

Now please understand.. did someone make that $20,000? I’m sure they did. Just like someone won millions in the lottery last month. These commercials rely on misleading wording. So, yes, somebody actually did make that $20,000. But what percent of those that took part did? You can bet that‘s something they’ll never want you to know.

The world is full of people who want to ‘help’ you get rich. Translation: They want to get their hands on your money. Protect yourself by looking out for certain words and phrases that can be warnings. Some of the most common “magic words” used to describe an investment opportunity are: free, secret, sure-fire, anyone can do it, always, no-risk, foolproof, insider, confidential, the smart money is doing it, nothing down, easy money, magic, in just a few hours of your spare time, almost nothing to do. Even one of these things should be taken as a red flag warning to walk away. If you see more than one, run!

You don’t get high rewards at low risks, or for little effort – and there are no secrets. In the stock market, by the time a stockbroker calls to tell you the ‘smart money’ is buying something, you’re either too late or even more likely, that the “smart” money is selling it to you.

I’ll stop here as I trust you get it. When it comes to money, something that’s too good to be true is not only not true, it’s something worse yet. Pure and simple, it’s a rip-off.

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Ted Hunter

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