Getting Out of Debt: Is it More Difficult Than it Seems?

December 13, 2017by Ted Hunter

Is getting out of debt hard a hard thing to do? Yes, it is. But the truth is that it’s not that hard, and that any discomfort involved will end up being nothing much when compared to the benefits you’ll get by doing it.

The truth is that except for a mortgage and possibly some education debt, debt is not good. And if being in debt hasn’t already damaged the quality of your life, I promise you, it’s going to. And that if you don’t solve this problem, the damage is only gonna get worse.. probably a lot worse. And that someday you’ll deeply regret letting that happen.

The good news is that anyone genuinely ready to get rid of their debt can make it happen. Now don’t get me wrong. Like I said, getting out of debt is not an easy thing to do, but you can almost certainly do it. Over a million people do it every year. Over a million people! And most of them will tell you that it was one of the best things they ever did in their life.

So how do you do it?

You start by understanding that there are 3 critical steps you need to take..

  • Make an unbreakable commitment to end this problem and do it now.. right now!
  • Learn all you can about how to spend smarter.. a lot smarter.
  • Have a written plan for how you’ll spend your money and follow it.

Yes, there are other things you need to do, such as immediately stopping all borrowing, but making the commitment, spending really smart, and having a plan for getting it done are the cornerstones.

As to spending smart, you may think you’re doing a good job on that but if you’re like most people, I think you’ll see there are a lot of additional things you can do.. some that you know but haven’t done, and some that nobody ever told you about, that can make a huge difference for you going forward.

The saying “it’s not how much you make but what you do with it that counts” is just so very true. If you take a good look around you at those that are in really good shape, financially, most of them, by far, got there by spending smart, not because they made a lot of money.

As to how to spend smart, really smart, here’s a suggestion. Go to my public service website.. and see the 9 minute project introduction and overview video.

At the end you’ll get a free coupon for course #1- How to get a Better Price or Deal on almost Anything. That video will lay a lot of it out for you and no way you won’t save a heck of a lot of money from that day on.

I’m talking freeing up thousands and thousands of dollars you don’t have now.. money that‘ll first go to eliminating all of you debt, then, after that, helping you to achieve the mother lode.. financial freedom. A goal that millions and millions of people have achieved, and that you certainly can too.

So what are waiting for? Go get ‘em.

And good luck with this. I’m rooting for you.

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