Want to save a heck of a lot of money.. and have fun doing it?

December 27, 2017by Ted Hunter0

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that the goal of any business is to make the most money it can, not to give you the best price, the best deal.

So how do you get that best price, that best deal?

It’s simple really. You ask for it.

The bottom line is that when people asked for a better price, they received it more than two-thirds of the time. 58% of those that ask for a lower medical bill get one, but over 70 percent of the time people just don’t ask. Either they don’t know the money’s there, don’t know how to ask for it, or are just uncomfortable doing so.

The money is there, but asking for it and especially how you ask, has a very big impact on whether you’re successful and especially on how much you save.

What you need to do is actually very easy and anyone can do it. Most of the time all you need to know is 3 simple things to do.. really simple.. and two simple sentences.

Do these things and most of the time the money is yours.. a lower price on whatever it is you’re buying and, in most cases a lower price for services.. all kinds of services.. cable, phone service, professional services of all kinds.

And like I said you’ll even have fun doing it. Kinda like playing a video game where you get paid in dollars, not just points.

What to learn more? Just go see my video course.. How to Get a Better Price or Deal on Almost Anything.   P.S. It’s free to all.

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