How To Get The Best Deal On A New Car Without Being Taken For A Ride

December 20, 2017by Ted Hunter

So how do you get the best deal on a new car? It’s simple, really.

Unless you’re 100% financially free, work when and where you want, already have pretty much everything you really want, never buy one. Never buy a new car.

I sure don’t, and most of the successful people I know, don’t.

So why don’t they buy new? Because it would’ve cost them a heck of a lot more money if they did.

A new car loses at least 35% in the first 2 years alone. That’s $9,000 on a $25,000 car, $12,000 on a $35,000 one. And if you’re financing the car, it’s more yet.

Think about what it means to have all that extra money. $10,000 every 5 years at a 6% return is $88,000 in 20 years. You really want to give that up for this? I sure don’t.

So before you do, think about what else you can do with that money.. great vacations, a nicer house, or better yet helping you to become financially free a lot sooner in your life. if you’re like most people you’ll see that buying your cars new.. owning a car that’s new for what, a couple of months?, is not the way to go.

I ask you, what is the real difference between a new car and a two or three-year-old car? Do you notice the difference when it drives by? Most people don’t.

Is there a noticeable difference in safety? Sometimes, yes, but most of the time, no. Would it be more comfortable? Not really that much of a difference, is there? How about having fewer miles on the car?

When it comes to mileage, the well-made brands these days are usually good for 150,000 miles or more. As to the warranty, any savings will be blown away by the difference in the cost of purchasing the car. Nicer looking? You just like it better?

If you still think buying a new car is right for you, then why? Are you talking status? Are you being influenced by those commercials?.. letting others decide how you spend your money?

I’m telling you.. the real difference between a new and a 2 or 3 year-old car is money, baby. One heck of a lot of money.

As to how to go about buying your car, car salesmen are often genuinely very pleasant people but be careful, as the world of car buying and selling has, in so many ways, become a game.. a game they play every day. The funny thing is, if you play your cards right it’s actually you that’s in control, not them, because if you walk, they lose the sale.

Winning this game isn’t as hard as you might think, but to do so there is some key stuff you need to know. And once you do, I think you’ll end up just like me.. smiling all the way to the bank.

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