So how do you spend smart.. I mean really smart?

January 31, 2018by Ted Hunter0

Now I know you may think you’re doing a good job when it comes to spending your money but if you’re like most people I’m confident there are a lot of additional things you can do.. some that you know but haven’t done, and some that nobody ever told you about, that can make a huge difference for you going forward.

And I’m telling you again, that the saying “it’s not how much you make but what you do with it that counts” is just so very true and that if you take a good look at those that are in really good shape, financially, that most of them, by far, got there by spending smart, not because they made a lot of money.

To spend really smart there are 6 rules you need to follow. Want an example? Here’s one for you.

Spending Rule #3: Buy from the right places

One of those places is, of course, the internet. Most of the time, before you buy something you should always comparison shop the internet.

I get a kick out of what my 23 year old daughter told me the other day. She said, Daddy a lot of the time you don’t buy at the malls, you shop them. Find out exactly what you want, what style and color and such, then go buy it online for a lot less.

Smart girl.. shop the mall, buy the internet. So check it out, because she’s right.

Want an example? Just the other day my wife bought 2 bottles of perfume as gifts at a major retailer.. and at an outlet mall, no less. The price was $138. Fortunately she then remembered she should’ve gone online. And when she did, guess what? The price was $92. Luckily, she was able to return her $138 purchase.

So there you go.. rule #3.

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