Input from for some of the people who have taken these courses and followed Ted's advice.

What Clients Are Saying

For a long time now I’ve known that all that advice out there, all those experts”, that the whole thing is a rip-off, but I just haven’t known what to do about it. Well I do now. These courses of Ted’s are awesome.

Dennis P.

Joan B.

Terrific, common sense solutions to every aspect of money in our lives- solutions that really work! Take one, any one, and you’ll see that this is exactly what we’ve all been looking for.

I’ve always believed that money management was a very complicated thing. Well now I know it’s not. Almost anyone can do the things Ted tells you to do.

Warner A.

Kathy S.

I’ve been listening to Ted for years. His advice is great and he really has no vested interest in what we do with our money. His only interest is in our success.

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